Movie Locations Guide

Lacking any drive in his life Shaun suddenly becomes the hero when Zombie's appear and threaten his peaceful life. With the help of his friend, he must save his mum and his (ex)girlfriend and get them to safety before it's too late in this Romantic Comedy with Zombies or as it was advertised a Rom-Zom-Com.

Opening Supermarket Shot

At the beginning of the title sequence the camera pans through a Super Market, where we get a glimpse of Mary. The checkout girl who later on Shaun finds in a Zombie state in his back garden.

Movie Location:
Park Royal Road, London, Park Royal, England, United Kingdom

Zombie Clubbers

Also during the title sequence we see some clubbers outside The Cross Nightclub in London. These clubbers later turn up at Shaun's Mum's house.

Movie Location:
Kings Cross Goods Yard, London, York Way, England, United Kindom

Shaun's House

This the exterior of Shauns house. The interior was filmed at Ealing Studios. Please Remember This is someone's home. Do not disturb them

Movie Location:
Nelson Road (Off Weston Park), London, Hornsey, England, United Kingdom

The Newsagent

The newsagent that Shaun visits twice in the film, is around 30 seconds from his home in the film. It's the Weston Park Grocers on Weston Park road.

Movie Location:
96 Weston Park, London, Hornsey, England, United Kingdom

Foree Electronics

The ficticious Foree Electronics (Based on Ken Foree who starred in Dawn of the Dead) that Shaun works at is actually Garland Electronics.

Movie Location:
763-765 High Road, London, North Finchley, England, United Kingdom

Shaun buys his mum some flowers

After being reminded by his step dad (Bill Nighy) Shaun stops off after work to buy some flowers for his mum.

Movie Location:
15 The Broadway, London, Hornsey, England, United Kingdom

Liz's Flat

Shaun visits Liz's flat twice in the film, 1st time to win her back. Second time to save her life, attacking several Zombie's on the way with a cricket bat.

Movie Location:
Hillcrest, London, Highgate, England, United Kingdom

The Winchester

External shots of The Winchester Pub were filmed outside The Duke of Albany Pub in New Cross, London. Internal shots where filmed at Ealing Studios.

Movie Location:
39 Monson Road, London, New Cross, England, United Kingdom