Movie Locations Guide

After ex-marines take hostages on infamous former jail island Alcatraz, the US government must enlist the help of the only man to break out of Alcatraz, to help them break in.


The majority of The Rock is set on Alcatraz Island, however it's worth noting that filming was split between time on Alcatraz Island as Sound Stages made up to look like the Island.

Movie Location:
Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, , California, USA

John Mason meets his daughter Jade

After escaping custody John Mason (Sean Connery) makes contact with his daughter (Claire Forlani) he's never met. He arranges to meet her at The Palace of Fine Arts, where Stanley Goodspeed (Nic Cage) 'recaptures' him.

Movie Location:
Bay Street / Lyon Street, San Francisco, , California, USA

Shave at Fairmont Hotel

After "persuading" John Mason to help them out, they take him to the Fairmont Hotel where he gets cleaned up. He then attempts to escape via the balcony above the lobby.

Movie Location:
950 Mason St, San Francisco, Nob Hill, California, USA