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Two brothers, Steve and Doug, never seem to make it on to the list of cool dudes who inhabit the guest list of the Roxbury Club. When Richard Grieco (The king of 21 Jump Street) involves them in a slight motor vehicle accident to avoid complications, he invites the pair in.

The Roxbury

After struggling to get into the Roxbury, Doug and Steve find their way in thanks to Richard Grieco and a little car crash.

Movie Location:
9039 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, California, USA

Butabi Fake Plant Store

Doug and Steve work for thier father selling fake plants at his store in West Hollywood. Next door is "Bright Ideas" owned by Fred Sanderson, who's daughter Emily has the hots for Steve.

Movie Location:
Holloway Drive & Hacienda Place, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, California, USA