Movie Locations Guide

When Napoleon's grandma injures herself Uncle Rico moves in to look after Napoleon and his brother Kip. Meanwhile Kip's taking to 'babes' on internet chatrooms and Napoleon is helping his new best friend win the election for Student Body President.

Napoleon's High School

Napoleon sits on the steps outside of his school drawing when Deb sits next to him and asks what he's drawing. It's a Liger of course, Napoleon's favorite animal.

Movie Location:
151 E 2nd Street, Preston, , Idaho, USA

Uncle Rico and Kip discuss relationships

This is the Burger Restaurant where Rico and Kip discuss relationships and later in the film discuss Time Travel. Please Note - The restaurant has since been knocked down and rebuilt, however the sign Big J Burger still exists outside.

Movie Location:
196 N State Street, Preston, , Idaho, USA

Kip and Uncle Rico go Bowling

In this scene Kip and Uncle Rico go Bowling to discuss selling tuppaware away from Napoleon's ears.

Movie Location:
411 S Highway 91,, Preston, , Idaho, USA

Napoleon buys his suit for the dance

After Pedro convinces Napoleon he needs a suit for the School Dance they head to the local thrift store to get Napoleon that famous suit.

Movie Location:
36 South State St, Preston, , Idaho, USA