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How far would an ordinary father go to spend more time with his children? Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) is no ordinary father, so when he learns his ex-wife (Sally Field) needs a housekeeper, he applies for the job. With the perfect wig, a little makeup and a dress for all occasions, he becomes Mrs Doubtfire, a devoted British housekeeper, who is hired on the spot.

Doubtfire House

Used throughout the movie, this is the home occupied by the Hillard Family. What makes this location interesting though is the fact they come straight out and say the address in the film. Usually in movies the address they give in a film is a fake address, not in this case. When Miranda Hillard (Sally Field) gives Daniel Hillard/Mrs Doubtfire (Robin Williams) the address she states the actual address of this house, 2640 Steiner Street.

Movie Location:
2640 Steiner Street, San Francisco, , California, USA