Movie Locations Guide

A successful drug dealer (Daniel Craig) is just about to retire from the industry when he finds that his ill-gotten gains begin dwindling as his legacy crumbles around him.

Country Club

Stoke Park Club appears a couple of times in the movie, most noticeably the opening and closing of the movie. What's interesting though is Goldfinger and Tomorrow Never Dies were also filmed here, ironic given the Daniel Craig became the new James Bond off the back of his performance in this movie.

Movie Location:
Park Road, Buckinghamshire, Stoke Poges, England, UK

Daniel Craig's House

Despite not finding out his name, we do find out where Daniel Craigs home is. It's in Kensington London - interesting fact, this home used to be owned by Guy Ritchie!

Movie Location:
7 Queen's Gate Mews, Kensington, , London, UK

Regency Cafe

As Craig is getting some advice from Morty, an old friend walks into the cafe. After slurping his breakfast down rather disgustingly, he gets a rude awakening from Morty after asking if he can borrow some money.

Movie Location:
17-19 Regency St, Victoria, , London, UK