Movie Locations Guide

James Bond heads to Russia in search of the stolen GoldenEye, a key that controls the secret Goldeneye satellite. The satellite has the ability to destroy everything with an electronic circuit. Bond must enlist the help of a beautiful Russian programmer to track down the device and prevent a rogue agent using it to punish the government he once worked for.

'Russian' Church where Natalya hides

We get a brief glimpse of Brompton Cemetery. As Natalya goes to hide in a Russian Church, this London Cemetery was used for an external shot.

Movie Location:
Fulham Road, London, West Brompton, England, United Kingdom

Sledge Hammer Car Repair

After seeing Jack Wade's (Joe Don Baker) 'Muffy' tattoo, we're just about ready for anything. Which helps us believe this courtyard in London is actually Russia. This is where Jack Wade's car breaks down, during which Bond learns to find Janus he needs to speak to Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky (That's Robbie Coltrane for those finding that hard to pronounce).

Movie Location:
The Strand, London, Embankment, United Kingdom, England