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British billionaire Gustav Graves unveils his latest invention, a satellite based reflector that can beam the Sun's light anywhere in the world. Of course James Bond suspects something isn't all it seems and investigates.

Secret underground MI6 Lair

After a bit of a scrap with Gustav, Bond cleans himself up and is about to leave the Fencing Club when the Concierge (in a cameo from Showjumper Oliver Skeete) presents Bond with an envelope left for him. Bond opens the envelope to find a key. This key leads to a secret underground bunker (formally the "Vauxhall Cross" Tube Station) used by MI6.

Movie Location:
Foot of Westminster Bridge, London, Westminster, England, United Kingdom

Gustav Graves arrives in London

Arriving in London to accept his Knighthood, Gustav arrives as only Gustav could. He parachutes in landing infront of Buckingham Palace

Movie Location:
Buckingham Palace, The Mall, London, St James's Park, England, United Kingdom