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30-something spinster Bridget Jones makes a new years resolution to stop smoking, stop drinking and find a nice man. Keeping a diary to track her progress we watch as Bridget hilariously fails all 3.

Kafir Aghani's deportation case

Bridget's first outing on TV sees her outside the Royal Courts of Justice waiting to hear the courts judgement on the deportation of Kafir Aghani.

Movie Location:
Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London, Strand, England, United Kingdom

Bridget needs a smoke

While waiting for the Kafir Aghani ruling, Bridget realises she's run out of cigarettes and runs across the road to the nearest newsagents.

Movie Location:
BK News, The Strand, London, Strand, England, United Kingdom

Bridget gets her man

The end of the movie and Bridget very nearly misses out on her dream fella yet again. Lucky for her he's the forgive and forget type.

Movie Location:
Royal Exchange, Cornhill, London, , England, UK

Bridget and Daniel's Weekend Away

Bridget gets invited away for a weekend with Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant). At the Country Club where they spend their weekend they awkwardly bump into Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), and later on Daniel Cleaver leaves early for an urgent business meeting.

Movie Location:
Park Road, Buckinghamshire, Stoke Poges, England, UK