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Eddie (Mark Wahlberg) is a 17-year-old busboy looking for a break when veteran porn director Jack Horner (Burt Reynolds) spots him in a disco. Jack immediately senses that the virile and well-endowed young man can make him very, very rich. Lead by Jack into the wickedly glamorous realm of porn movies, Eddie emerges as Dirk Diggler, the superstar who’s always pleased to see you...

Hot Traxx Disco

In the opening shot we get a great view of the Hot Traxx Disco where Eddie Adams works as a busboy... Until he's discovered by Jack Horner. Just don't turn up in your dancing gear, as this is now a church.

Movie Location:
18419 Sherman Way, Reseda, , California, USA

Miss Donuts

Buck Swope stops with his pregnant wife to pick up a dozen donuts, as he's about to pay an armed robber enters the store.

Movie Location:
18231 Sherman Way, Reseda, , California, USA