Movie Locations Guide

Jake Blues (John Belushi) and his brother Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) discover that the orphanage where they were raised will be closed down unless the tax on the property can be paid in 11 days. They decide to raise the money by putting the band back together and stage a big gig.

Jake leaves Prison

In the opening scenes of the movie, we find Jake Blues (John Belushi) getting paroled for good behavior. The Prison he's been staying at is the Joliet Prison, as seen in the TV series Prison Break.

Movie Location:
Collins Street, Joliet, , Illinois, USA

Jumping the Bridge

After learning that Elwood had not only sold "The Blues Mobile", but bought in it's place an old Police Car Jake is not quite impressed. Elwood tries to convice Jake that the car is a worthwhile purchase.

Movie Location:
East 95th Street Bridge, Chicago, , Illinois, USA

The Nazi's get the Wrong Address

After finding out via police records Elwood's Address, the Nazi's jump straight into the car to find him. It's only when they get there, do they realise the address is actually Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.

Movie Location:
1060 West Addison Street, Chicago, , Illinois, USA

The Final Chase

During the final chase scene through Chicago, we see Jake and Elwood driving their beaten up old Police Car right through the glass doors of the Richard J Daley Center.

Movie Location:
55 W Randolph St, Chciago, , Illinois, USA

Paying the missing Taxes

After barricading themselves in, Jake and Elwood desperately race to pay the taxes for the orphanage, mean while the Police, the Fire Department and even Army are surrounding the building.

Movie Location:
121 N. LaSalle St, Chicago, The Loop, Illinois, USA