Movie Locations Guide

Teenager Marty McFly gets accidentaly sent back in time to 1955. While there he interupts how his parents met and fell in love. Times running out while Marty is trying to get back to 1985 and reunite his parents before wiping himself from existance.

Twin Pines Mall

This is the car park where Einstein becomes the worlds first time traveler and Marty's adventure starts. The car park from the film is in the South East corner of the Mall.

Movie Location:
Colima Road, City Of Industry, , California, USA

Burger King outside Doc Brown's House

After findout out he's late for school Marty McFly runs out of Doc Brown's House and "catches a lift" from a truck leaving Burger King.

Movie Location:
535 N Victory Blvd, Burbank, , California, USA

Marty McFly's House

Used a couple of times in the movie, this is where the McFly family live (In 1985!). Most notable scenes are Marty returning home from school to find Biff has wrecked the car and at the end of the movie where Doc Brown returns.

Movie Location:
9303 Roslyndale Ave, Arleta, , California, USA

Doc Brown's 1955 House

Back in 1955 Doc Brown was living in a fairly large house, not in a garage next to a Burger King. It's the infamous Gamble House in Pasadena, California.

Movie Location:
4 West Moreland Place, Pasadena, , California, USA